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International Journal of Education, Educational Policy, Leadership & Management (ISSN: 2576-0165)


Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2018

Pages: 1-15

Feminism, Emotional Intelligence and Female Leadership within Saudi Education Context

Author: Jawaher Bakheet Almudarra

Category: Education


There is limited research work that has focused on the leadership roles of Saudi Females within the educational system. Female teachers were alienated from most previous studies on the supervisory practices as perceived by teachers and supervisors in Riyadh Schools. Despite the advancement that has been witnessed in the female education in Saudi Arabia, gender disparity is still a major concern that is evident in various sectors. Bearing in mind the huge advancement in female education, and female positions as educationalists, more specific information must be gathered about the position of female leaders in Arabic countries, specifically Saudi Arabia, and furthermore, the way they are socially and culturally considered within the region. This study is a review on female leadership. Female leaders in both the public and private sectors have been slowly but definitely increasing. Women are attaining a greater role in public life in both public and private sectors, and are beginning to take a greater part in the key decision making processes, however, this is not to say that their role is the same as that of men in these positions: the challenges they face as women in leadership positions must be considered. Challenges faced by women include negative attitudes towards working women, cultural taboos for a working woman, and a lack of trust or confidence in the skills of women in terms of leadership, management, and decision making.

Keywords: Female Educational Leadership, Educational Administration, Emotional Intelligence, Educational Supervision

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