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International Journal of Education, Educational Policy, Leadership & Management (ISSN: 2576-0165)


Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2018

Pages: 1-13

Time Constraints and Daily Responsibilities: the Dilemma of Saudi and English Middle Leaders in Primary Schools

Author: Saeed Musaid Alzahrani

Category: Education


Among the many research studies that have discussed and debated different factors influencing educational leadership practices in primary schools, only a limited number has rigorously discussed the connection between time and leaders' daily responsibilities. In this paper however, the focus is not on how middle leaders are using their time,but rather on what hidden matters influence time and in turn the daily responsibilities of middle leaders. In this study, 18 semi-structured interviews were conducted with English and Saudi middle leaders in six different primary schools. A few prevalent challenges seemed to influence middle leaders' time and in turn their daily practices. For example, the regular changes imposed on schools without pre-arrangement with school leaders left middle leaders with very little time to complete their daily duties, taking into consideration the large amount of time they had to spend on paperwork. Middle leaders were drawing on their moral and religious values as a source of energy to complete their daily duties. With lack of time during school, middle leaders used their own private time and space to complete their duties. Although soft skills such as time management can help take control ofovertime, further studies should be conducted to verify the effectiveness of such skills in the daily practices of middle leadership. At the same time, there is a need to conduct further studies to examine how the concept of time is understood by educational policy makers, school staff and leaders and to what extent the differences in their understandings may influence school performance.

Keywords: Middle Leaders, Primary School, England, Saudi, Time Management, Value

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