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International Journal of Education, Educational Policy, Leadership & Management (ISSN: 2576-0165)


Volume 3, Issue 1, August 2019

Pages: 1-3

Aesthetics Deserves Attention in Science Education: Starting from Friedrich Schiller's Theory

Author: Wenxing Luo, Yucui Ju

Category: Education


Science education that pays too much attention to delivering knowledge and skills may lead to alienation of human nature. The ultimate goal of science education should be back to education rather than science. On this issue, with the main purpose of shaping complete personality of human, Friedrich Schiller's theory of aesthetic education can be instructive. Starting from Schiller’s theory that human nature is composed of sensibility and rationality, this article aims to discuss the aesthetic dimension and promote its significance in science education. Beauty as the object of aesthetic enables sensibility and rationality to fully but not excessively develop. Therefore, aesthetics has its educational effect on balancing the development of sensibility and rationality and it deserves attention in science education. Considering that both continuity and distinctions in aesthetics exist between scientific field and everyday life, the aesthetics of science need to be constructed carefully in science class.

Keywords: Science Education, Aesthetics, Beauty, Sensibility, Rationality, Friedrich Schiller

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